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Autor: Lemariont, 20/Jul/2010, 01:31

I want create a clan, the idea is Mercenaries, after the war they can combat. And use al tags... xZ3, etc...

Suggest for the name?

M.[numer of wing].


M.111 Apocacheces.

[first wing, leader]

The idea is distribute people in wings. One leader and one wingman.

Autor: Lemariont, 22/Jul/2010, 11:28


Clan Name: Mercenaries, or Mercenaries of Heaven, Sky or Mercs or so.

TAG: M.121 nick [tag]

M - Clan Mercenary

121 - Key to the wing that flies, wing 1, Squad 2 leader (1)

nick - Lemariont

[Tag] - RES, xZ3, oZ3, MOB, SAB, or others.

Any suggestions? The idea is that a clan can be the "alliance" with other people.

Thus the Third Wing Squadron 2 could be the "Plumbers of Heaven" and have their own stories.

Nick M.321

While I believe the most requested would M.666 or m.667, wing 6 man squad 6 and 6 and leading wing 7.

Another option is to let the nonsense and make the clan dirct [667] the inhabitants of the beast, referring to "I AM A BEAST" and taking the clan to grace to put that sentence after killing someone, but as it is offensive, jajajaj !

Autor: Lemariont, 22/Jul/2010, 11:38

The idea for Mercs is make an order clan. Try to fly as leader and wingman and make tactics in team.

I´l create a subforum only for the clan.

How do you get into the mercenaries clan?

1-meeting us.

2-make a test:

  1. What is better tha kill one p40...
    a) Kill a Zero III
    b) Kill Dark Origami
    c) Kill a lot of Zeros III
    d) All answers are corrects.
  2. The bridge is...
    a) an additional element of the landscape
    b) a place where run the train
    c) I don´t know but all people run there
    d) The place where we make inverted, loopings and manouvers mads in the middle of the battle.
  3. If you enter with you P40 in a room with  all Zero III...
    a) I runaway!
    b) I figth as i can and die with honour
    c) ummmm... eeerrr... oooopp!
    d) I kill al of them and after i publish a pic in facebook.

3-Choose a wing and squadron. A theme for you. Need friends to play and complete the squadron. Minimun 2, one leader an one wingman.

4-Try to play in cooperative game. Cooperative game is a secretive sistem of play (hahahahaha! aahahah! secretive... all people read me 1000 times....)

Autor: Lemariont, 04/Ago/2010, 15:03

I have the PC crash and cant update... But the ideas id born... We will be Sky Corsairs!!!!Stealing from the rich to give half to the poor. Buccaneer you want to join?

Autor: Lemariont, 26/Ago/2010, 17:15

My PC run again... time to work.

Autor: Lemariont, 30/Oct/2010, 10:38

The clan is running. Find us in Facebook!!!!!

Sky Corsairs! [SC] powa!